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It’s important to clean and sanitize your Air Duct’s

air-duct cleaning Sarasota FloridaNeed Air Duct Cleaning? Sarasota Air and Heat is the premier company for Sarasota air duct cleaning. We service air conditioning system maintenance, repair, and installation for both commercial and home heating and cooling systems. It is imperative to inspect air ducts to keep your AC and heating system running at an optimal level. If you’re looking for a professional and dependable company to get the job done, call to make an air duct cleaning appointment today. Servicing the people of Sarasota, Florida since 1981, our team of licensed, experienced, and skilled technicians are ready to assist you for all of your heating and air conditioning needs. We specialize in air duct cleaning, heating, and cooling repair, AC maintenance and installation as well as airflow correction, Freon level inspection, and AC mold removal with system checks.

Air duct systems can be tricky, and studies show that cleaning air ducts on your own can disrupt particles in the system, be harmful to your health, risk damaging your duct work, plus more. If a licensed heating and cooling technician do not correctly maintain air duct systems, then you may be putting your health at risk.

Take proper steps to reduce air borne contaminants

To ensure the air you and family breathe is healthy and free of dust particles along with other pollutants, call our service technicians today.

air duct cleaning machine Sarasota FloridaThere is more that goes into air duct cleaning then just “vacuuming or snaking” the air ducts. To make sure your system is properly cleaned and maintained, it’s essential that skilled technicians licensed in the industry complete the job. It’s crucial to ensure the piping holds in place, the duct tape is not stressed, and is not pulled or dislodged during the air duct cleaning process. Technicians are knowledgeable in the proper completion of the air duct cleaning process and also ensure that all pollutants and objects removed from the piping system do not remain.

Sarasota Air and Heat has over 35 years of experience in the industry of heating and air conditioning, and this is what ensures the trust of our customers. We complete the air duct cleaning job correctly and fairly priced because we want to build a relationship for life. Sarasota Air and Heat are available to help with all of your heating and cooling repairs or assist with yearly scheduled maintenance of the heating unit and air duct system. Don’t wait until air duct problems arise to call the experts. Call Sarasota Air and Heat today!

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